Your market is constantly changing. Showcase your products and procedures with United Biologics’ stunning and accurate silicone vascular models.

• Sales aids that increase revenue
• Tradeshow setups that impress
• User-friendly systems
• Customizable to your needs
• Realistic physician demonstrations
• Durable and easy to transport

Everyone’s next generation is in R&D. We can decrease your time to market with the right silicone vasculature system.

• Realistic clinical scenarios
• Pulsatile, echogenic, and radiopaque capabilities
• Numerous disease state options
• Modular anatomy for quick testing
• Wide selection for most procedures/devices
• Inventory models available

Enhance your physician training
with anatomical and physiological systems.

• Physician verified anatomy
• Clear, echogenic, and radiopaque options
• Multiple diseased states represented
• Modular systems for swapping anatomical variance
• Variety of support platforms and accessories
• Wide selection for most procedures

Confusion About United Biologics, L.L.C. dba United Allergy Services and United Allergy Labs. There is online confusion between United Biologics, Inc., a California based manufacturer of silicon replicas of human vasculature, and United Biologics, L.L.C. (UB-LLC) doing business as United Allergy Services and United Allergy Labs. Read more.