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Clinically accurate and fully customizable models with true tactile feedback; by the industry leader in Silicone Vasculature.


Our durable and reliable models are built to withstand repeated testing and come with a 1-Year limited warranty.


Enhance your product demonstrations with our models made with our proprietary AngioClear silicone. 


Easy to use and hassle-free silicone vasculature with video conference ready compatibility systems and customer support service.

Our Most Popular Products

Neuro Vessels

Standard Line

Vessel: Circle of Willis with Aneurysms

Model number: COW01V03

Category: Neuro Vessels Small

More Details

Our Circle of Willis model replicates the intricate bends of the brain’s central vasculature. This vessel model runs from the common carotid arteries and vertebrals to the pericallosal region in the brain, and includes six standard aneurysms in common locations around the circle. Additional aneurysms can be added. This modular vessel has aortic and femoral access options available. The vessel includes access ports and extraction wire for device removal.

Cardiac Vessels 

Standard Line

Vessel: Patient Specific Pulmonary Embolism Model

Model number: RD037

Category: Cardiac Vessels Full Body

More Details

Designed for Emerging Pulmonary Segment
Developed from DICOM Data, ensuring clinical accuracy when navigating the Right Atrium, Right Ventricle & Pulmonary Arteries
Lifelike Pulmonary Embolism (PE) & Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) simulation

User Friendly
Intuitive clot introduction & retrieval
Easy set up facilitates Professional Education & Display
Durable – will withstand 100+ multi-action device deployments

Versatile Across Simulated Scenarios
Multitude of pulmonary artery configurations to support various simulation scenarios
Useful for New Product Development or Physician Training purposes
Near seamless attachments to lower & upper limbs for added disease states

Limbs Vessels

Standard Line

Vessel: 3D Brachial-Radial-Ulnar Artery

Model number: BRA00V02

Category: Limbs Arterial

More Details

The 3D Brachial-Radial-Ulnar Artery is a seamless vascular model designed to address the growing popularity of radial or ulnar access for catheterization. This model is secured to a clear plexiglass 3D sled using adjustable silicone tabs as shown in photo below.

This vessel includes a non-slip Stabilizing Platform for easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

True Tactile Feedback (Life-Like Responsiveness)

Clinically Accurate Engineering

Durable And Reliable For Repeated Use And Testing

Easy And Hassle-Free Setup And Usage

Unrivaled Customer Service

1-Year Limited Warranty

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