United Biologic Accessories

We have a complete line of accessories to allow you to get the full benefits from your vessel model. Every vessel is delivered with an accessory kit of items that may be needed as you set-up and use your vessel. In addition, introducer ports, platform supports, flow pumps and customized collections of accessories are all available. Listed are some of our features and benefits of our accessory line.

  • Our accessory kits are packed with the items most needed to use your vessel model when you first set it up. These include towels additional vessel end caps, additional sized fittings clamps syringes and more.
  • Complete additional accessory kits can be purchased or specific replacement parts.
  • Products come in a wide variety of sizes. We have introducers that will fit your specific needs.
  • We have travel cases to fit your all models. We can create custom cases.

Browse our entire line of products by anatomy or products by procedure.