Our vessels are constructed from angiographic data to provide clinical models for research and development. Our vessels provide a range of inner diameters, common pathologies, tortuosities, and tapering. The range of available phantoms provide effective tools for existing medical devices in a wide variety of anatomy types.


We are committed to designing and manufacturing advanced phantom vasculature, ethically and reliably. Our vessels are geometrically designed to withstand rigorous laboratory and field use.


We continually develop new techniques to manufacture products that are seamless, clear and reliable. Our proprietary process allows us to provide seamless and clear models from the groin to the heart and brain. Our standard vessels can be customized to your specifications in a specific area with the development cost of the entire pathway. These customized designs will optimize your testing procedures. We have experience working with stages of device development including:

  • Initial concept
  • Product development
  • Physician product testing
  • Manufacturing quality assurance

Our vessels are used in top medical device manufacturing companies throughout the world.

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