About United Biologics


United Biologics manufactures and distributes anatomically accurate silicone replications of human vasculature, including common pathologies. We are silicone vessel specialists, driven to better equip to train physicians, challenge and enhance techniques.

Working alongside leaders in the medical device industry, United Biologics proudly ensures product conformity to anatomical biological functionality, response and sizing. From conception to completion, United Biologics will work with you in selecting or developing the best solution for your specialized needs.

United Biologics is the definitive destination for silicone vascular models.


United Biologics, Inc. strives to improve patient care by providing accurate and aesthetically designed vascular models for the advanced training, testing and marketing of medical devices.



Everyone is treated with courtesy and consideration. We believe in the intrinsic worth of each individual and the importance of providing an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. We value our relationships and conduct ourselves with openness and compassion.


We believe our competitive advantage is cultivated through our employees’ capacity to work together, turning ideas into action. Employees are free to voice ideas and observations. We also cultivate strong relationships with our customers, colleagues, and vendors.


We believe our first responsibility is to the customers we serve; the physicians, engineers, and marketing professionals who benefit from the tools we create. We are passionate about providing an experience that makes for a loyal and satisfied customer who comes back often and recommends us to others.


Innovation is essential to providing superior products and exceptional value. We maintain an atmosphere of innovation through the execution of new ideas tailored to our customers’ needs. We constantly promote professional growth through education and the development of new technologies.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and commitments, upholding the highest ethical standard in all that we do. Customers trust United Biologics to be forthcoming and factual. We protect the confidentiality and privacy of our customers. Our company is built upon relationships where transparency and sincerity are expected.


We are committed to maintaining best-in-class quality and efficiency by resolutely pursuing best business practices. We embrace continual improvement to maximize profitability while increasing quality. We strive to give our customers an increased competitive advantage in their markets.


We acknowledge and develop the diverse abilities of our employees, and provide the tools and time needed to accomplish company goals. Individuals are encouraged to take ownership, initiative, and pride in their work. Our regard for others extends to our customers and colleagues.

Confusion About United Biologics, L.L.C. dba United Allergy Services and United Allergy Labs. There is online confusion between United Biologics, Inc., a California based manufacturer of silicon replicas of human vasculature, and United Biologics, L.L.C. (UB-LLC) doing business as United Allergy Services and United Allergy Labs.