Aortic TAVR Arch Models

The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement model is our transparent, versatile platform for training and product development. This vessel features two replaceable aortic valves, the left ventricle, and a full aorta down to the femoral arteries. Femoral access and modular heart valves allow for full simulation of transcatheter therapy scenarios and easy removal of valves after deployment. To stabilize the model during testing, it is attached to an acrylic platform with adjustable locking tabs.

The Transcatheter Model includes a non-slip Stabilizing Platform featuring an adjustable platform for anatomically correct positioning and easy access to the vessel.

The Transcatheter Accessory Kit is included with this model to help create a realistic testing, training, or demonstration environment within the vessel.

This vessel was constructed from angiographic and CT data to provide a clinical scenario for testing, training, and demonstration.

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