Circle of Willis Models

The Circle of Willis Models replicate the intricate anatomy of the brain’s central vasculature. This vessel features pathways from the common carotid and vertebral arteries to the pericallosal region in the brain and includes access ports for device removal.

Circle of Willis Models are available with your choice of left and right internal carotid artery pathway options offering varying degrees of tortuosity. Options include Simple, Normal, Tortuous, or Challenge which offers (2) 360 degree loops and (2) 180 degree bends. To get even more out of our Circle of Willis Model, add our strategically placed (6) standard aneurysms.

These vessels can be modularly paired with any Cardiac arterial vessel featuring our standard neuro take-offs for Aorta and femoral access options.

Need to stabilize your vessel?
Add a Stabilizing Platform which offers a non-slip surface, easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility while holding your vessel in place.

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