Venous Leg Bundle

The superior segment of the Venous Leg Bundle begins with the inferior vena cava just above the renal vein and extends to the iliac veins. (Venous Iliac 3D Model)

The medial segment begins with the common femoral vein and extends through the superficial femoral vein (SFV) to the proximal perforating branches, which are lateral. The great saphenous vein begins below the inguinal ligament and runs medial to the SFA. (Upper Leg Venous Model)

The inferior segment begins with the proximal popliteal vein. It subsequently bifurcates to the peroneal, anterior tibial and posterior tibial veins. (Lower Leg Venous Model)

This vessel was constructed from angiographic and CT data to provide a clinical scenario for testing, training, and demonstration.

Stabilizing Platforms are included with this model to provide a non-slip surface, easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility.

The Venous Leg Bundle comes with a Large Accessory Kit to help create a realistic testing, training, or demonstration environment within the vessels.

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Weight 2 lbs

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