United Biologics Stabilizing Platforms

Our wide array of stabilizing platforms allows your vessel a firm support during all types of procedures. Each support is custom design for your specific vessel. The platforms are nonslip with a pleasing frosted surface. Below are some features and benefits of our stabilizing platform options.

  • The platforms are customized for each vessel to assure proper sizing of the platform and proper placement of the hold down tabs.
  • The platforms assure maximum stability of your vessel during use. Even cardiac vessels when used with large devises are secured well, yet allow for anatomical flexibly.
  • The vessel is adjustable within the supports to allow for some vessel variability.
  • The platforms also come in half inch spaced plastic pegboard for unlimited vessel adjustability.
  • Some vessels have both flat and three-dimensional platform options. Our platform with a mounted plastic pelvic model has a realistic femoral access area.
  • All platforms may be etched with your logo and company name.