Train with the finest silicone replications of human vasculature.

Educate, demonstrate and train using anatomically accurate vasculature models.

Improve patient care and communication using clinically accurate vascular models specifically designed to replicate interventional scenarios.

We provide circulatory system models with an array of pathologies and abnormalities, presenting patients, students and fellow physicians with an array of actual case studies. Our vessels, in combination with diagnostic tools and devices, will aid you in demonstrating the treatment of pathologies and your mastery of medical management techniques.

Our vessels provide a cost effective alternative to animal training. They are anatomically correct, providing a realistic scenario for training. There is also the advantage of customized tortuosity, stenosis and anomalies.

Our vascular models excel in all cases where precise, qualified information needs to be communicated quickly and accurately.

  • Physician training and demonstrations
  • Technical and corporate meetings
  • Workshops and professional courses

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