FlowTek 125 – Pulsatile Pump


Full Body Large Vessel Pulsating Flow Circulator Pump

United Biologics FlowTek Pumps are uniquely designed to provide pulsatility and continuous flow when accompanying United Biologics Silicone Vascular products. Our FlowTek Pumps are an essential accessory to optimize the simulation of your device.

• Pulsatile and Continuous Flow
• Adjustable Flow Rate
• Adjustable Pulse Rate
• 1 Year Warranty
• Pelican Case (with custom cut foam)
Attachable Heater – (optional)

Product includes:
Pulsatile flow pump
Power supply and power cord
FlowTek 125 Accessory kit
Water reservoir bottle
Padded custom carrying case

*Pressure and flow rate are for reference only and are measured from the unit. The pressure within the models
depends on the size of the particular system and must be measured individually.

Contact sales associate for spec sheet.


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