Left or Right ICA Simplified


The Left & Right ICA Simplified models include all seven segments of the internal carotid artery, from the cervical (C1) portion to the communicating (C7) segment. The models feature a tapered siphon representing stenoses. The left and right ICAs can be purchased individually or as a set.

To secure your vessel during testing or demonstrations, we offer 3D/2D Stabilizing Platforms. Benefits include a non-slip surface, easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility.

The Small Accessory Kit is recommended for this model to help create a realistic testing, training, or demonstration environment within the vessel.

These vessels are constructed to provide a clinical scenario for testing, training, and demonstration.

SKU: Left: LIS00V01, Right: RIS00V01

Contact sales associate for spec sheet.

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