April 24th, it was a sunny 100 degree day at Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, California. Our team was donating 1,000 PPE face shields to the incredible medical staff. We at United Biologics have spent the past few weeks designing and manufacturing plastic face shields. With the start of this project, we were able to hire 4 new employees to support the workload.

Congressman Lou Correa was in attendance for the event. The Congressman had encouraging and inspiring words for the nurses & medical staff. Congressman Correa said, “I want to commend United Biologics and KPC Health for stepping up to serve their communities when it’s needed most. This is what the true American spirit is all about.”

Our President at United Biologics, John Barnhill, was in attendance as well. He handed out the face shields to their  medical staff. He expressed his gratitude to the staff for their dedication and hard work. He said, “Healthcare workers must be adequately protected as they work on the frontlines to combat the coronavirus. We have tremendous respect for the work they are doing and will do everything we can to help ensure they have the equipment they need.”

United Biologics will be returning this week to donate another 1,000 PPE face shields to the nurses & medical staff. To all the Healthcare workers in the US and around the world, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for your daily acts of selflessness. Thank you for the sacrifices and long hours spent caring for those that are sick. Thank you for being the heroes this world needs.