Neuro System Testing Bundle

The Neuro Systen Testing Bundle features most of the major arterial vessels of the body from the tibial arteries to the brain’s central vasculature. These physiologically-accurate vessels are designed to replicate interventional scenarios for training physicians. The left ICA and vertebral arteries are more tortuous than the right, allowing for various levels of difficulty while tracking devices. Six aneurysms are also included in the complex arteries of the brain to provide further challenge. These vessels were constructed to provide a clinical scenario for testing, training, and demonstration.

To secure your vessel during testing or demonstrations, we offer 3D/2D Stabilizing Platforms. Benefits include a non-slip surface, easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility.

The Large Accessory Kit is included with this model to help create a realistic testing, training, or demonstration environment within the vessel.

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