Venous Heart Bundle

This 3D model features the right side of the heart, coronary sinus, pulmonary arteries, lower limbs and major vessels from the jugular to the femoral veins. The flexible and transparent properties of this model create life-like simulations for testing. Complement this vessel with an Arterial Heart Model for a more complete clinical scenario. Our platforms are designed to give you easy access, and clear, adjustable straps allow for anatomical flexibility.

To secure your vessel during testing or demonstrations, we offer 3D/2D Stabilizing Platforms. Benefits include a non-slip surface, easy access, and clear, adjustable straps that allow for anatomical flexibility.

The Large Accessory Kit is included with this model to help create a realistic testing, training, or demonstration environment within the vessel.

The anatomy was physician-verified and constructed from patient specific (not averaged) angiographic and CT data to provide a clinical scenario for testing, training, and demonstration.

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